Good Coffee!

What makes a good coffee? In my experience it’s more to do with having decent roasted coffee beans (we use Rio’s Espresso blend) and someone who has the patience and passion to make a really good espresso. The machine is secondary. You can spend a lot of money (thousands of dollars) on a state of the art Italian espresso machine and then have someone who doesn’t care making the coffee and all you will get is a thin, watery, flavourless coffee. On th other hand you can have a very basic machine and someone who is passionate and end up with the best you have ever tasted! A case in point is our mate Kim. He has a $20o espresso machine, but is fanatical about coffee. He has researched, for instance, by his own experimentation, how many days after the coffee is roasted will it taste the best. He’s looked into the quality of the milk, what other factors make a difference to the coffee eg the size of the beans. The result is that he makes the best coffee I have ever tasted! His example has inspired me to make sure we make very good coffee but not to worry about getting the best equipment.

That said our trusty Sunbeam Cafe Series espresso machine is now being sorely tested by increasing numbers of people wanting our coffee. The poor thing is really just a domestic machine, but it does make really good espresso. However, it is slow at texturing the milk, which in the past hasn’t been a problem, but now it is beginning not to be able to cope with getting orders for 5 or 6 at a time. Also the pump is beginning to wear out. I am in two minds whether to replace the pump or upgrade to a small commercial machine. One that can take the work load and also texture the milk quickly.

What are your experiences with making coffee and where do you think the best coffee is to be found?

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