Lenswood Cellar Door

Our cellar door

We have finished building our environmentally / eco friendly cellar door that is zero net carbon and powered by solar pv and thermal. Second to our passion for wine is our passion for sustainable building design and materials, as well as renewable energy and storage.

We have done thermal modelling on our cellar door, which is partially sunk into a hillside, and it maintains an even temperature year round of around 20 degrees C. Part of our aim in building this cellar door is to show people a model of how to build sustainably and with no ongoing energy costs, at a price that most people can afford.

As we are passionate about sustainability we will be having a Tesla destination charger and another EV charge point. You will be able to bring your Electric Vehicle and recharge whilst having a tasting or at a function or event we are holding!

Book your tasting

Due to current space restrictions, bookings are now essential for wine tastings. Please note that children and non-drinkers are included in your group size as they contribute to our capacity. We will confirm your booking via email. For any additional enquiries, please phone 0419 007 401 or email: cellar@tilbrookestate.com.au

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