NOURISH: A sensory experience of mindfulness, movement, food and wine

Join us at Tilbrook Estate, where the healing earth and stunning eco building, provides the backdrop for a sensory experience that honours our place in nature and our capacity for discovery and recovery. 

This event is a collaboration between two health professionals, physiotherapist, Georgie Davidson and Tilbrook Estate’s Annabelle Tilbrook who is also a practicing Occupational Therapist. Both are passionate about the junction between ancient wisdom, Western medicine and contemporary wellbeing research.

Georgie, one of Adelaide’s most experienced mindfulness teachers, will guide you through mindfulness and movement practices and invite a discussion on benefits and strategies for integrating mindfulness into daily life. Mindfulness, as the human trait of being present in a kind and curious way, is an invitation to begin again in every moment. The session therefore offers something to those new or experienced. Ongoing practice develops skills to cope with the world around and inside your own mind and body. It reinforces your natural capacity to care for yourself and others. Never before in our lifetime has this been so relevant.  

Your sensory exploration will continue as the sun sets with local produce inspired canopies and wine. 

Choose from two sessions:

Friday 1st April 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Saturday 2nd April 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Arrival 4.45pm for prompt 5.00 pm start


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While Mindfulness is evidence based around supporting mental wellbeing, it does not replace professional mental health care.