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For the first 18 months after the Cudlee Creek bushfire, because nearly all our stock was destroyed in the fire, we had no wine of our own.

Two local wineries came to the rescue, one donated wine, the other sold it to us at cost. We called this wine ”hope!” because that is what it gave us.

In July 2021 our next step on our road to recovery has been the release of four wines in which we have had a hand in making.

2018 Tilbrook Estate Reserve Small Batch Pinot Noir

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Gently hand bottled by gravity from a single 500 L French iak barrel. Explosive fruit on the nose of plums, dark cherries, raspberry and stewed rhubarb! Big, rich palate with fune tannins in the background providing nice structure to the wine. This is a cracker, and the first Reserve Pinot Noir we have released fir 10 years! It's that good.

Drinking beautifully now but will still reward cellaring for 10 years. Goes well with lamb shanks and roast duck!

The fruit was hand picked into slotted baskets and then brought to the winery. We crushed destemmed approx 70% of the fruit onto about 30% that was left as whole bunch. We then waited for the fruit to start natural fermentation - with native yeasts from the vineyard. This "pre soak" helps extract the finer aromas and lasted about 5 days. From the time of crushing through to pressing we plunged the fruit by hand twice a day to keep the grapes healthy and to extract colour and flavour. Fermentation lasted approx 7 days after this but at the 10 day mark we started pressing the batches. In previous Vintages we had always waited till fermentation finished and had left the wine "on skins" for a week or two afterwards. So this was a major change for us. We wanted to make a Pinot Noir that was softer and fleshier than previous years with less drying tannins.

We also decided to make, for the first time, two wines from the same "pick". At the time of pressing the free run went entirely into our unoaked wine, whilst the lighter pressings went into a 500 L French oak barrel. It was matured quietly for 12 months in a cool cellar and then gently hand bottled by gravity.

We hope the end result is a softer, more approachable wine!

Available at cellar door and online for $45 per bottle!

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