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For the first 18 months after the Cudlee Creek bushfire, because nearly all our stock was destroyed in the fire, we had no wine of our own.

Two local wineries came to the rescue, one donated wine, the other sold it to us at cost. We called this wine ”hope!” because that is what it gave us.

In July 2021 our next step on our road to recovery has been the release of four wines in which we have had a hand in making.

2020 Little bit of "hope!" Pinot Noir

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The "hope!" label replaces the wine that was burnt and destroyed in the December 2019 Cudlee Creek bushfire. In Vintage 2020 we were lucky to get our hands on some ultra low yielding Pinot Noir from our grower in the Southern Adelaide Hills area of Kuitpo. Even though he didn't really have enough for us, he made some available so we could have a really good Pinot Noir for our range. It was sad that we didn't have any Pinot Noir of our own, as it is a variety that we grow, so it was great that we were helped out in this way. However, the winery is still in ruins so we had the wine made at a nearby winery to our "recipe".

This is a fantastic wine and I am very happy with it. Sadly there was only enough for a hogshead which means 30 odd cases in total were made. Get in quick or it will all run out. It's only available at the cellar door and mail order!

This tasting is from a customer who loved it:

"I like Pinot Noir. It allows a wine maker to give life to a young wine that will age well. It shows the character of the grapes before the longer equilibrium chemistry with the barrel occurs.

Nose: At the start, Earthy, petrichor. Like the soil just before it rains, alive. Then raspberry jam with caramelised figs, I like caramelised figs, and lime juice. Late on, this was accompanied by the aroma of star anise pods. Not the harsh aniseed smell, but the gentler smell of the anise trying to push through the pods.

Taste: Cherries, strawberry cordial, as different to the aroma of the raspberry jam with caramelised figs above, fairy floss, light and subtly sugary, very subtle leading to mild lemon in melted butter. Later on, the chalk and tannin with lemon and cream comforted the journey."

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