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For the first 18 months after the Cudlee Creek bushfire, because nearly all our stock was destroyed in the fire, we had no wine of our own.

Two local wineries came to the rescue, one donated wine, the other sold it to us at cost. We called this wine ”hope!”

Our latest step on our road to recovery has been the release of four of our own vineyard grown and made wines. We now have Tilbrook Estate Reserve Chardonnay, Tilbrook Estate Pinot Gris, Tilbrook Estate Sauvignon Blanc and Tilbrook Estate Shiraz back in bottle and available online and at the cellar door.

2023 "hope!" Mulled Wine (was Red Sofa)

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2023 "hope!" Mulled Wine

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Since we started making this in 2004 we have sold it under the Red Sofa label. However, the fire took nearly all our unused label stock and so this "season" we have started using the "hope" labels, which we had printed after the fire. It's exactly the same wine, just a different label!

Made from our own secret recipe of red wine, sugar and spices, the Mulled Wine is a lovely drop to have on a cold evening when you get home from work (better than a cup of tea!), or as a night cap. During weekends and days off it’s a perfect warming drink to have on the BBQ or for a trip down to the River.

$20 per bottle

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