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For the first 18 months after the Cudlee Creek bushfire, because nearly all our stock was destroyed in the fire, we had no wine of our own.

Two local wineries came to the rescue, one donated wine, the other sold it to us at cost. We called this wine ”hope!” because that is what it gave us.

In July 2021 our next step on our road to recovery has been the release of four wines in which we have had a hand in making.

"hope!" Rosé Sparkling NV

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The "hope!" label (1st and 2nd photos) replaces the burnt and destroyed wine, and label (3rd photo), we had previously. Special dispensation from Liquor Licensing has allowed us to label this wine under our label, but the wine has generously been sold to us at cost by a local winery keen to help us get back on our feet.

The wine is elegant and flavoursome, with a rose colour, Its character is all strawberries and reminiscent of our summertime English favourite, Summer Pudding. Delicious now!

$30.00 per bottle

This is the tasting note of our previous wine (3rd photo), which was made by me in our winery and bottled on site. The whole winery including all our stock was destroyed. There is none left.

Named after James' wife, Annabelle, belle Rosé is a very apt first wine for Annabelle as she loves our rose garden. The roses in the photo came from our garden from a climbing rose. The wine also has a rose colour, very similar to the soft pink of the ones seen here. Its character is all strawberries, and Annabelle thought, reminiscent of the English favourite, Summer Pudding. (Recommended with lashings of double cream!!). It's fruity but not overtly, quite restrained, elegant and sophisticated with a clean and well balanced finish. We are sure you are going to love this wine!

The fruit is a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, hand picked, fermented separately then combined before bottling for the second fermentation. The magical "traditional methiod". Here the still wine is converted into a sparkling wine, full of bubbles, fizz and life. The tradtional method also means that the wine in bottle is the same as the wine that underwent the second fermentation. It never leaves the bottle. Other methods, which are cheaper to make, include transfering the wine to tank, filtering it, then rebottling it. As you know we love all things traditional so this is not the way we make our fizz. The result is a bottle that has a persistent "mousse" of fine bubbles, and a briochy character to the aroma and flavour. All bottles are hand disgorged after being riddled by hand, dosaged and then sealed ready for drinking.

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