Inspired by the classic French wine regions, we set up our vineyard using ideas and practices common in the French wine regions but far from common here.

Eight acres of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir were initially planted in 1999. Then one acre of Sauvignon Blanc in 2003, an acre of Chardonnay for sparkling wine base in 2004, and in 2006 an acre of Pinot Gris for dry white.

The vineyard is close planted at double the norm of other Adelaide Hills vineyards.

James planted most of the vineyard on low vigour rootstocks, a unique feature of this vineyard. This allows wine complexity to be “built” into the vineyard.

The vineyard is close planted at double the norm of other Adelaide Hills vineyards. The vine rows were also planted across the slope with some blocks terraced. This lets water soak into the ground instead of running off when it rains. This also means that we have uniform ripeness along the whole length of a row instead of different levels of ripeness which you get when the rows go up and down the slope.

We pride ourselves on growing the best possible grapes with the least impact on the environment; we think that our vineyard should coexist with native birdlife and animals. Often a mob of kangaroos can be seen in the back paddock at dusk or you can be startled by the “thump” of a ‘roo passing in a nearby vine row. The front Chardonnay block known as “The Hill” has a couple of ‘roos who visit most evenings as well as various parrots and lorikeets who swoop in amongst the vines on their way to their roosting sites. Occasionally Black Cockatoos, Kites, Hawks and Wedge-Tailed Eagles can be seen overhead. It’s a joy to see “nature” carrying on oblivious to Man’s presence.


This is our Hope! range, which is generously being supplied to us by two local wineries so we can continue to trade, until we can start making our own wine again.
Thank you for supporting us by buying our wines direct.

Traditional method sparkling
Traditional method sparkling rosé
Cabernet sauvingnon rosé
Late harvest
Pinot noir
Shiraz cabernet
Reserve shiraz
Red sofa mulled wine