Brisbane here we come!

Since the early days we have sold wine in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, as Annabelle’s family come from this area and so it seemeed a natural place to start interstate. For the first few years we sold direct which invloved myself and my trusty sales guy, and all round good mate, going up to Brisbane and the coast for a week and trying to get our wine into all the best restaurants. We had some notable successes, most notably Il Centro in Brisbane putting our Reserve Chardonnay on by the glass. Since those halcyon days, when a sales trip meant also enjoying some fine dining (shhh don’t tell Annabelle), we have managed to get our wines on to quite a few lists as we decided that it was probably more cost effective to have a QLD distributor. This worked well for a while but it was time to move on and appoint another distributor who could manage a larger territory. Namely the entire East Coast!

So last week I spent a day going to all my old stomping grounds, seeing old customers and potentially new ones, in the company of my new distributor. It was great fun to spend a day doing this, without having to worry about follow up phone calls, getting the orders out in time and generally managing the account. That’s their job and I believe we all are better for it!



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